5 Things to Know About Travel Radiology Tech Jobs

Travel radiology tech jobs are a great way to see the country while getting a good paycheck and experience. They offer more benefits than stationary radiology jobs, like free housing or a tax-free stipend.

Working as a travel rad tech can help you avoid burnout by keeping your job fresh and exciting. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of this career path!

You Get to Travel

Medical travel positions like travel radiology tech jobs are ideal for professionals who want to combine the flexibility of working in the medical field with an opportunity to explore new places. With the help of a reputable staffing agency, travel radiologists can find the best available assignments in their desired locations while also gaining valuable experience and skills in different healthcare environments.

When working in a hospital, rad techs work behind the scenes with doctors and nurses to capture accurate images for diagnostic purposes. They use X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and fluoroscopy to visualize conditions such as fractures, tumors, infections, and heart disease.

As a travel rad tech, you’ll be exposed to new technology in different healthcare settings, providing patients comfort, security, and peace of mind. In addition, you’ll likely encounter a variety of patients with concerns or questions regarding their healthcare situation. You can confidently answer these questions and concerns as a travel rad tech because of your unique professional background.

You Get to See New Technology

Medical travel opportunities are an exciting way for radiology professionals to expand their horizons. In addition to providing a great salary, these assignments often offer the opportunity to work with different equipment and interact with different patient populations. These experiences can help enhance radiologic technicians’ skills and improve their ability to provide quality healthcare to their patients.

It’s also worth noting that the salaries of travel radiology techs can vary depending on some factors. For example, a facility experiencing a high demand for travelers may be willing to pay above the industry average. Furthermore, a large network of industry professionals can play an important role in connecting travel radiology techs with fulfilling jobs and helping them to negotiate a fair salary. This network can include recruiters, staffing agencies, and fellow healthcare professionals.

So, if you’re interested in working as a travel radiologic technologist, speak with a healthcare travel agency. They can match you with the perfect assignment based on your career goals and employment preferences.

You Get to Make a Difference

Whether it’s a broken finger or invasive cancer in the brain, medical professionals like radiology technologists are responsible for diagnosing and visualizing a wide range of conditions. The work they do is essential.

When a travel rad tech arrives at an assignment, they can often fill a gap in care. Healthcare facilities hire travelers to accommodate seasonal shifts, higher patient census, or when staff members take extended leave.

During their assignments, traveling radiology techs get to experience a variety of settings and equipment. This allows them to expand their knowledge and skills and better serve patients.

If you want to see the country (or perhaps the world) while continuing your rewarding career, consider becoming a travel radiologist/x-ray tech. You’ll be in high demand, enjoy competitive wages, and have a unique opportunity to explore new locations. 

You Get a Better Paycheck

A traveling radiology tech job may be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a career that allows you to see new cities while providing a competitive salary. Traveling radiographers are employed on temporary contracts with healthcare facilities nationwide and earn competitive base pay and benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, retirement plans, and more.

Salary can vary by location, but hospitals and healthcare facilities in larger metropolitan areas typically offer higher salaries than those in rural locations. In addition, many staffing agencies offer additional bonuses and incentives like contract completion bonuses and referral bonuses to boost overall paychecks.

Additionally, working 13-week contracts allows you to experience different healthcare systems, settings, and patient populations. Whether you want to brave the Alaskan wilderness or relax on a Florida beach, traveling rad tech jobs can allow you to explore all parts of the country and even the world! This can bring a renewed vigor to your work life that will help you remain enthusiastic about your career choice.

You Get to See the Country

As a traveling radiology tech, you’ll be in high demand for your expertise at medical facilities nationwide. That means you can see different parts of the US and experience the culture from coast to coast. This opportunity for travel can keep you fresh at work and motivated to continue providing exceptional patient care.

The variety of healthcare settings available to travel rad techs also allows you to explore different career options and decide the best fit for you. For example, the cases in a large city hospital will differ greatly from those in a rural outpatient facility.

Each assignment will offer you free or discounted housing as a travel rad tech. This allows you to save money on living expenses and maximize your weekly paycheck. Additionally, many staffing agencies offer contract completion and referral bonuses that can significantly increase your overall earnings. This makes working as a travel radiology technologist an extremely attractive career choice for aspiring healthcare travelers.

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