5 Ways to Prepare for Your Freshman Year of College

Taking the next step after highschool might look like a piece of cake, but you should know that college is a completely different world from highschool. You are becoming a grownup and learning how to be more responsible for yourself and for that reason, in college they treat you like an adult who is smart enough to take its own decisions. 

Moving from highschool to college can often be a big transition for kids as some even leave their homes to live near campus or in the university itself. You will learn how to become more independent and do work for yourself. And for this reason, here are a couple of things you should know before your freshman year of college.

  1. Act responsibly

Through this transition, lots of young adults will turn 18, and for this reason you will be treated like an adult. Stop expecting adults to do things for you, or for teachers to tell you to do your homework or to hand in your paperwork, in this adult life no one is behind you telling you what to do, therefore if you don’t deliver it there will be consequences for your actions.

  1. Make a plan

It is important to make a plan ahead, before starting college. You will want to know what major you will be taking, how many credits you need to graduate and therefore how long you want this career to be. If you are in no rush, therefore plan your classes by semester, but if you want to finish early you might want to consider taking summer courses as well. Make an overall plan and stick with it, learn which courses you need to take ahead in order to take the rest, and this way you will ease your way through college. 

  1. Study

In highschool often your teachers tell you what to read and help you to catch up during classes. In college, there are huge classrooms with over 60 students and therefore attention isn’t individualized. You will be expected to read and do work on your own time and come to class prepared for the lesson. And if you were to fall behind is your responsibility to get a tutor or ask for help to catch up.

  1. Check the lists of clubs and activities

Before starting out the year you might want to sign up for groups or after class clubs in order to practice different activities but also to make friends. It is a great way of interaction among students and also it serves as extra curricular activities. 

  1. Dorms and Housing

As a way of starting college, lots of students leave their houses and come live on campus or in dorms near the school. As a new experience, you might want to learn how t do things for yourself that you were probably used to your parents doing for you. Learn how to cook, wash your clothes, clean your space, and also learn how to live with someone you aren’t used to.

But above all, don’t worry too much about it. In college, you will meet people and form experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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