9 Best Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Nowadays, contamination levels have only been increasing. With the number of people who habitats this planet, the numbers only keep going up. However there are definitely actions that we can take in order to reduce air pollution, and if one person gets started on these actions, others will follow and this way we can help the environment all together. 

If you follow all of these tips on a daily basis you can reduce air pollution

Conserve energy

At home, at work, or wherever you are. For instance, if you are at home, turn off all the lights that you aren’t using and unplug all items that you don’t have running at the moment. You can save tons of energy simply by doing this. 

Change your transportation

If you are a person who is always using their car or you go everywhere, you might want to look into other methods for transporting yourself. Even if it is carpooling, biking, or taking the public transport, these methods can not only save you gas but they can also contribute to reducing the air pollution. 

Buy eco-friendly

When buying large home devices such as washing machines, microwaves, fans, etc, make sure that they don’t waste as much energy as regular appliances. Search for devices that are friendly to the environment and for those that save energy, and invest in buying those.

Avoid using gas-powered machinery

Any kind of appliances that you might use around the house, make sure they are not gas powered. Consider those that run on batteries or electricity, but avoid the ones that are polluting the air with their use.

Change your air filters

More often than not, air filters are incredibly polluted by dust particles and many other things, and whenever you are turning on your air, this air that is coming out to you is already dirty to you and your environment. Avoid polluting the air in your own home and change your filters every now and then.

Don’t smoke or burn things indoors

This is another way that you can pollute the air in your home for you and for those around you. Avoid smoking inside as the smoke particles remain indoors and you can affect your friends and family that inhale that air. 

Open Your Windows

Every now and then, allow fresh air to come into your house. You never know if the air inside is too polluted, and if you don’t open a window you are constantly breathing the same air. Fresh air is good for you and opening your doors and windows might help your house to clean the air.

Use air purifiers around the house

You can invent air purifiers to have around the house. Whatever is emitted indoors will cleanse so that you and your family can breathe only fresh air. 

Check your tires

Worn tires mean that your use of gas will only be increasing. In order to avoid this, make sure all of your tires are in check and change them often. Don’t let them get worn out, and simply by doing this you can use less fuel and help to reduce air pollution. 

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