Ayden Hector – 4 ways to reduce the stress of moving house

The stress of moving home. It’s considered as mentally exhausting as planning a wedding. Perhaps it’s not as severe as that but emotional attachment placed on one’s objects and the location called home, it’s understandable that the upheaval of pickup up sticks and moving on can lead to some pangs of panic and nervous thinking.

Ayden Hector is a removals specialist and runs a small independent removals company covering the entire south of England. The pride and professionalism he applies to his work is astounding and as such, the advice offered through his website and service is a well-considered and sage worthy set of principles for anyone picking up sticks and moving on.

1. Regular used items vs irregular items.

Time predict when next you’re going to need that item. Consider the utility of an object to its sentimental value. Old trophies and framed artworks can be the first to go into the box since their purpose is of place and home but don’t serve any everyday function as a toaster or a kettle.
Before anything gets packed, go through each room and label the utility of each object with sentiment or utility. After doing this, make the sentiment pack up the sentimental items first in your prepared boxes and assign them to security of the pack up. When the time comes for the utility items, grade them to what is essential till the last day and what you can live without for a week and start to pack those away too.

2. Over order boxes

Over ordering boxes is not a bad idea. Most removals company will sell a set of standardized and sturdy flat packed boxes that can conveniently slide behind most furniture.
Flat packed and ready for assembly, foregoing the random odd fruit box from your local supermarket will make the whole process of lot less stressful knowing that there’s always space in a box for the item to go in. Some removals companies offer the added relief that unwanted (and undamaged) boxes will be refunded to encourage the customer to order generous amounts in preparation of the big day.  

3. Colour coordinated items to a box

Pens and Post its. Never underestimate the power of color. Since we learnt to recognize color before words, a color coded system to your filing of boxes will make the transit of boxes a breeze for anyone lifting and packing away your belongings.
Imagine you are helping a friend move house. If you wanted to quickly and swiftly select a box to put in the van, having a color attached to the box and asking your friend which color they are focusing on will make all helping hands independent form supervision and allow for a speedy and even enjoyable afternoon packing.

4.Over protect the fragile items

Finally, be zealous with the bubble wrap. Investing in protective material like bubble wrap and expanded foam will provide a peace of mind when allowing even the most careless of helping hands to transit your belongings.

With framed artworks always apply protection to the corners since these are the areas that make first contact with other objects. If there’s electrical appliances, wrapping the entire object in plastic will prevent dust and water damage in case of spills.

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