Benefits of Temporary School Buildings

Temporary structures are a good fit for schools or businesses needing more space at a cheaper cost. These structures also come with every feature you will find in conventional brick houses. The structures are also less expensive and more versatile than brick or wooden buildings.

This guide looks at some of the main benefits of temporary school buildings. The article will also highlight some factors to consider when buying or leasing temporary school buildings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Temporary School Buildings

There are three options available on the market for temporary school buildings: steel-framed, interim-steel, and industrial tents. Industrial tents are the cheapest option on the market but come with many benefits. You can check out the Smart-Space website for more information on the types of structures available and the costs.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for temporary school buildings is how long you want to use them. With this info, you will know which is the better option between buying or leasing the structure.

Leasing can be a good option if you are planning to use the structure for a few months. However, for longer usage, we recommend buying the structure.

Another thing to consider is the permits and building regulations. Unless it is for emergencies, you will need to apply for and get permits for your temporary school building. However, if you will be using the structure for less than four weeks, you don’t have to apply for planning permission.

The building regulations will ensure that the temporary school building meets all the safety features required by law. We recommend consulting a construction expert first, before setting up your temporary school buildings.

Benefits of Temporary School Buildings

Temporary buildings are set up using prefabricated materials. The prefab materials cut down the total time needed to construct the building. Putting up a temporary structure from start to finish can take less than a month depending on the size of the structure.

You will also spend less on labor and materials. This is what makes temporary school buildings the perfect solution for any institution that wants to scale without spending too much. For example, setting up industrial tents can take less than a week depending on size.

Another factor worth noting is that temporary structures can be set up on any type of surface. This is quite a plus, especially during emergencies.

Versatility and portability are also significant benefits that come with temporary school buildings. Steel-framed, interim-steel buildings, and industrial tents are portable. These structures can be pulled down and the materials moved to the new location. Temporary buildings can also be easily extended if extra space is required.

Temporary buildings also come with energy-saving features. The structures come with clear-span PVC roofs that let in natural light during the day. You can also request to have extra padding on the walls to prevent heat loss during winter. Overall, you will spend less on energy bills.

With temporary school buildings, you also get enough floor space. Temporary structures don’t have beams running through the middle of the structure. In addition, there is no limit on how long the structure can be. As such, you will have larger modular classrooms and the students will have adequate space.

Wrapping Up

Temporary buildings are a good option for any business or school looking for a cheap but long-term solution. The construction time is also short, meaning that temporary structures can come in handy during emergencies.

Don’t forget, these structures can be customized further to be used for residential purposes.

These structures are great for schools that have a high student population. Temporary school buildings can be used as classrooms, labs, indoor gyms, and storage units or warehouses.

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