Best Moves to Help Her Reach New Heights of Pleasure

Squirting, which occurs when a girl’s G-spot swells and oozes, is one of the most satisfying forms of orgasm. It can also be scary because it feels like peeing, discouraging some women from trying.

To get a girl to squirt, start with lots of sensation play. Use your fingers or a toy to stroke and lick her vulva, then move in for penetration.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a classic position that’s great for beginners. It’s a simple, straightforward position that lets you stimulate her G Spot and clitoris simultaneously. This stimulation is the key to triggering squirting. Aside from that, there are more tips on how to make a woman squirt.

Start by inserting your index finger into the top of her vagina and then run it along the upper wall of her canal. Then add two more fingers, the middle, and ring, and use them to stroke her G Spot.

This is much more intimate than just using your thumb, giving her a different sensation. Then you can add the clit-strokes to the mix. Make sure that you’re not just pulling your index finger but using your entire arm to remove it, which will increase the pressure on her clitoris and boost squirting potential.

Another variation of the doggy position is the captain, which is very similar to missionary but has one key difference: you lift her legs up and pin them against her head with your hands and arms. This can increase the intensity and make her feel more vulnerable, increasing their squirting potential.

A final doggy-inspired move is the standing version. It’s ideal for shower sex or getting it on outside the bedroom and provides you with an excellent opportunity to get her G Spot – and her clit – excited.


As one of the classic sex positions, missionary is well-loved. It allows your partner to explore you with their hands to stimulate your clitoral area and your vulva with their fingers or sex toys. And since it is a face-to-face position, you can more easily watch her expressions to gauge how she’s reacting to the stimulation so you can change things up as needed.

This position allows him to go deeper than other squirting positions, such as doggy style. Your man can support his weight by placing his elbows on either side of your body, which will help to keep him from pressing too hard or crushing the vulva. This allows him to vary the pressure and pace to find his sweet spot.

Try adding a pillow for extra support. The added lift may allow him to go deeper and reach your clitoris faster. And it can also make the position more comfortable for you, which is a big bonus.

Another fun variation on missionary is called the hook position. To get into this, start in the traditional missionary position and then have her bend her legs and bring them up and around his shoulders. This position gives her a closer physical connection with him, and the positioning of his pubic bone provides excellent clitoral stimulation.

Legs Overhead

This standing squirting position is easy to switch things up and create more pleasure. It also gives her a better view of your body and allows you to stimulate areas like her breasts and clitoris with your hands or a couple’s sex toy. According to a 2018 study, 37% of women can only orgasm during sex if their clitoris is stimulated.

The legs overhead squirting position is another sexy way to hit her G-spot and penetrate deep into her vagina. It’s an excellent option for men with average-sized penises because it’s easier to enter the vagina from the back in this position, so they don’t have to worry about hitting their head or neck on the pillow.

Having a solid core and upper back is essential to this position. Try adding plank exercises to your workouts, such as the classic forearm plank. This exercise will strengthen the muscles that support your posture while increasing your endurance for longer squirting sessions.

Squirting is something that takes time to learn and master. Whether you’re a natural squirter or trying to figure out how to spray for the first time, be patient and trust that it will happen with practice. Sex therapist believes that everyone with a vulva is capable of squirting, but it can take some time to build up enough arousal to do so.

Sex Toys

As the name suggests, this position is ideal for using a vibrator or other sex toy, as it allows you to play with her clitoris while stimulating her G-Spot. This combination of stimulation is often enough to make a girl squirt, incredibly if she has been aroused ahead of time through other means (e.g., a sensual massage or using her favorite toy).

To make this move, have your partner lie on the bed and raise her legs to rest on each other. Then, you can kneel behind her and insert your penis into her vulva. To increase the intensity of this position, you can gently squeeze or pulsate her clit while simultaneously running your finger along the area surrounding her clitoris.

Another good variation on this squirting position involves her lying on her front while you back her onto a pillow or similar surface, like the floor or a couch. If you want to take this squirting position even further, affix a dildo, such as a suction cup dildo, to the wall or surface and allow it to reach down into your partner’s vulva.

Finally, you could try this squirting position while your partner is naked and has her feet apart. However, this is a more challenging pose that requires a certain amount of flexibility and an excellent core to be comfortable.

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