Cashier Myricks – Simple Tips On Running a Small Business

We are living in a world where big businesses and corporations are slowly taking over and with the likes of Amazon around, they are taking  business from the smaller operations. What we have seen a great deal of in recent years is small businesses going out of business and then those owners looking to launch a drop shipping company through the use of the very business which forced them to close. This year however we have learned just how important those small businesses are and thankfully many are looking to the local community so that they can prop each other up. If you are going to launch a small business then there are some very simple tips to remember which may help you to really make a success of it.

The Importance of High Quality Products

In a recent webinar the brilliant business guru Cashier Myricks spoke about the one thing which small businesses can focus on which large businesses simply aren’t, and that is high quality products. The danger with so many of those E-commerce businesses is that they are ordering products which they have never seen and this often results in poor quality products. The thing that separates a small business is that they have a better chance of selecting only the best quality products.

Top Level Service

Why would someone want to come and experience a small business which may cost a little more, than to go online and buy a cheaper product? Service is the key difference here and that is something which small businesses have to focus on, in a big way. If you are able to make sure that you can deliver high quality customer service each and every time, then you can ensure that you create long lasting customer relationships built on trust. A loyal customer is a very valuable one and it is something which small businesses rely on.

Finance Above Everything

This information may not come as a surprise to you but the reality is that finances are the most important thing for a small business and every decision should be made with finances in mind. What many small businesses do is fail to focus on finances as obsessively as they really should, and the result if that they miss bits and pieces which cost them money or cost them an opportunity to save money.


When you bring in staff you must ensure that you have staff who care just as much about the setup of your small business as you do. This means that you have to get staff who buy into exactly what you are doing and that you can get staff who will work hard for you and the business. This can be hard to get but you have to ensure that you keep searching until someone gives you the feeling that they are going to have your business’ best interests at heart.

Simple tips which will help your small business to reach high levels of success.

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