Diamond Environmental Services – What You Need For an Awesome Outdoors Event

If you are hosting an epic outdoors event for business or perhaps for a wedding or a party then there are some things which you must ensure that you have taken care of. An outdoors event is a cool way to spend time with people and given the current climate it is also a necessary measure to take in order to ensure the safety of everyone at the event. Planning something like this can be stressful and it can be easy to forget the absolute basics of this type of shindig.

For those of you planning a big bash, here are somethings which you mustn’t forget.


There are some companies out there like Diamond Environmental Services who will be able tp provide you with some portable toilets for your guests. An outdoor venue is not always located near a building where the guests can go to use the bathroom, which is why it makes much more sense for you to have these bathrooms on site. The beauty of using such a service is that you have everything taken care of for you, the company will deliver the portable toilets and then have them taken away and cleaned after the event.


No matter what the temperature is where you are having the outdoors event, it always makes sense for you to have a large tent or marquee. If there is a chance of rain then this is the perfect option but even if there is not, the marquee gives guests a central place where they can enjoy food, drinks or even a little bit of dancing.


Speaking of dancing, this is going to be something which is quite difficult if you do not have electricity, which is the next thing that you have to add to your list. If you are not able to run electricity from the building to the marquee then you will have to invest in the rental of a generator which will be able to power the lighting and the music set up in the marquee. This is not as expensive as you may think, there are some very reasonable costs for generator rentals.


Whether you are looking to build a dance floor or you simply want to give you guess a firmer footing when they are in the marquee, you can look to get some temporary flooring installed which will sit on top of the ground and provide a solid option for guests. These are plastic, interlocking tiles which are rigid and which will help to both protect the ground and offer a better option for you guests, avoiding the risk of muddying fancy shoes.


Rather than just having an open piece of ground, it makes sense to use roping to section of areas and to create walkways where there are none. These can be erected simply and they just add a sense of professionalism to what you are trying to achieve.

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