Eye-Opening Pros and Cons of Social Media Use

Lots of people have conflicting feelings regarding social media. While some people love it and think it’s necessary in today’s world in order to evolve, other people dislike it and think that instead of helping us spread out it limits us.

Through the rise of social media, it’s used has been only increasing, not only in the personal aspect but also, as an educational tool or even for business. And while some people think that it is a great communication tool, others are against the fact that it has been reported to have negative effects on our mental health.

For that reason, here are the pros and cons of social media use, so that you can make an opinion for yourself.


  1. Communication

Allows you to keep in touch with people from wherever you are. This helps you to keep in touch with people who you might not regularly see, or that live far away, through social media you can communicate with them and see what they are up to. 

  1. Share and Connect with others

Through social media you can share more about yourself and connect with other people who like what you do or they even do something similar. For instance, some artists share their work through social media and through this platform is how they might network with others who do the same.

  1. Distractions and Having Fun

Social media is also a great form of entertainment, something to keep distracted in your free time. It is great to see all the content available on social media, videos, pictures, etc. It is another distraction like television that you can have in the palm of your hand.


  1. Social Media Makes Us Lazy

It has been said that social media and the constant use of electronics makes us lazy. Nowadays you can make an appointment through text or by sending a direct message to the place, and for that reason some people become lazy to even make calls or contact people face to face. Social media has put information in the palm of our hands, which makes us lazy to find the information elsewhere. 

  1. Too much time wasted on our phones

People say that too much time is wasted on social media, time that can be used for more productive aspects instead of scrolling through pages without gaining anything from it. While some people claim that it is a distraction, others also say that the pure use of social media keeps us away from reality and it is just a way of wasting time without getting anything done.

  1. False Realities

Seeing what people publish in social media might give you a false idea of what reality looks like. What people decide to publish is simply an enhanced version of their reality. You might have a fear of missing out or even be stressed by comparing your life to others, by thinking their false realities are much better than your reality. This is a negative aspect that social media has given people, a false image of what reality is and what it looks like.

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