How to Choose the Best Online MBA in Accounting Program for Your Career Goals

Whether you are an accounting professional or looking to enter the field, an MBA in Accounting can enhance your career. But which program is right for you?

Considerations include the cost of tuition and fees, how classes are delivered online, and student support services. Also, consider the availability of internships or other unique opportunities.


An online MBA in accounting is an excellent option for professionals seeking a broad leadership and business management education alongside advanced accounting expertise. This graduate degree program teaches students how to handle financial reporting, tax preparation, and other accounting principles.

While every MBA program sets its course requirements, most programs expect applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, such as accounting or economics. Applicants also typically need to submit an online application and college transcripts. Some schools also require GMAT or GRE scores, although some offer alternatives to these tests for students with lower grades or limited work experience.

Many offer an accredited MBA in accounting online that builds on a student’s professional knowledge, providing them with the tools to lead strategic projects. This degree can be completed on your schedule without needing campus visits or internships, making it ideal for busy professionals. The curriculum includes financial reporting, managerial accounting, and cost analysis courses.


Anyone considering graduate business school to increase their marketability for senior-level management positions should carefully consider what degree best fits their career goals. For those with a strong passion for accounting, an MBA in Accounting is one option that can give them the advanced business skills they need to move forward in their careers.

For those who want a more flexible degree option, a master of Science (MS) in accounting or a master of Public Accountancy (MAcc) may be better alternatives. Both degrees focus on providing postgraduate students with a foundation in accounting discipline principles and can prepare them for the CPA exam.

An online MBA degree is typically more flexible than an on-campus program. It provides various course options, including elective courses and areas of specialization like leadership, global business, and finance. Some programs offer as many as 19 different concentration options, ideal for students who prefer greater flexibility in their education.


The cost of an MBA with an accounting concentration online varies by institution and can be impacted by the types of fees charged. Some schools charge application, admission, and registration fees, while others may have technology, graduation, and activity fees. In addition to tuition rates, some online MBA programs charge different prices for in-state and out-of-state students, and some colleges may offer discounts for state residents.

An online Master of Business Administration with an accounting concentration prepares students for careers in financial reporting, taxation, and analysis of organizational finances. It also meets education prerequisites for certified public accountant (CPA) certification and can lead to jobs in industries such as insurance, banking, management, transportation, and government.

Some offer 20 concentrations for its online MBA program, which can help students narrow their focus and deepen their knowledge of topics like analytics, finance, management, and accounting. The program also allows for accelerated course-taking, and students can save on tuition by taking more courses per semester.


When choosing an online MBA program, consider the university’s reputation and the curriculum’s quality. MBA programs with solid alumni networks and a long history of producing successful graduates are often considered top choices for students. Students should also examine each school’s tuition rates and financial aid options. For example, regionally accredited schools may offer more financial aid and scholarships than nationally accredited ones.

An alternative to an online MBA in accounting is a master of accountancy (MAcc). While it shares many features with an MBA, MAcc courses focus more on preparing students for the CPA exam. An MAcc is typically the better choice for students pursuing an accounting career but want to play a more significant role in the strategy and direction of a company. The degree also allows for more specialization in specific areas of accounting, such as forensic accounting and oil and gas accounting. Students can also pursue concentrations in global management and operations management.

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