How to improve family time at home

Now that people are spending more time at home since the global pandemic, things have definitely changed. People were used to having different activities and spending some quality time together, but definitely not all of the time. Now that plans were canceled, schools were closed, and people were forced into a situation of staying home, families had to either adapt and make it work, or crack under the pressure.

Here are a couple of tips how you can improve family time at home:

1. Eat Together

At least have one meal a day together. Everybody sitting at the same table, sharing their food, and talking about their day, new subjects, or just about anything that they can bond with. Having this time together sharing a meal is definitely a way to improve family time at home. 

2. Watch a Movie Together

There is nothing better than watching a movie together with the entire family. Without really being interacting with each other, it is a great moment to spend quality time together and enjoy something as a group. To avoid arguments, make a weekly plan, and every week have a member of the family pick out the movie, this way everyone will have a chance to select the movie of their preference.

3. Do Activities Together

You could select a time in the week to plan an activity together. You could play board games, read together, or simply work out at home together. Whatever is that you need to do, plan it, to improve that family time at home. Make sure you plan activities that you and your kids like, and use this time for a deeper bonding experience. Don’t attempt to do it every day, as it can turn into a bit of a tiring habit, but try to make it spontaneous once or twice a week so that everyone is excited about the activity. 

4. Start a hobby or a project

Everyone should be involved in this activity. Unlike the board games, a project takes a little longer to get done,and it is a great way to spend quality family time together. Either building a large puzzle that you need to be working on from time to time, to even building a treehouse in your backyard, or simply pick up gardening, whatever you pick will be great but make sure it is a long project for you guys to improve that family time over this experience.

5. Do chores together

Everyone hates chores and no one wants to be responsible for cleaning up. Show them that doing something together is often better than doing it alone. Have your kids help you clean the kitchen and all cooperate in the same activity. This will not only teach them about responsibility but they will also learn to appreciate their clean home, and the hard work it takes to organize it. 

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