Javier Burillo on The Harry Kane Dilemma

At the beginning of this Premier League season I sat down with football analyst Javier Burillo to discuss Tottenham Hotspur and how their season may shape up. This would be Jose Mourinho’s first full season and we often know that in those early seasons, once he has had the team for a while, success often comes along. After a great run of games however, the Christmas season was brutal on the side which now sits far away from the top 4. One shining light of Spurs’ season however has been Harry Kane, who is arguably in his prime right now. 

Kane has never really shown an interest in leaving Spurs, but this could be the summer when he is the most tempted, and here is exactly why.

Quality of His Game

We have to recognize the fact that Harry Kane is very much in the form of his life and that level of form means that he has to be in teams are that are winning titles and winning trophies. Harry Kane will be looking around at his time at Spurs and recognize that there is one thing missing is that success. In all honesty Spurs, even with a proven winner like Mourinho at the helm, are miles away from winning trophies and that could be the reason that Kane decides to make the switch. 


If Harry Kane does happen to leave Spurs then you have to assume that he will do so and stay in the Premier League. That magic record which Alan Shearer set is something that one will definitely have in his sights and the fact that he is just over 100 goals shy of it will mean that he realistically believes he could get it. At 27 years of age, and having already racked up 156 Premier League goals, Kane will be very confident that he can write his name in the history books. There is no doubt that Kane could do this at Spurs, but he would likely have a far better chance at a better Premier League club, where he could collect  trophies too. 

One Man Club

There is certainly a sense of nobility in staying with a club that you have loved since you were a boy, and that is exactly what Spurs is to Harry. With this being said however, he may look at the likes of Steven Gerrard, who stayed at Liverpool his entire career and never won the league. What Gerrard did win however were domestic cups and the Champions League, whereas Kane has little chance of collecting anywhere near that amount of silverware whilst he is still at the Lilywhites. 

This is not to say that Kane should leave of course, but he absolutely has to consider his future this summer because the chances are that if he stays with Tottenham, then he is not going to decorate his career in the way that he should given his ability. 

What do you make of Harry’s situation?

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