Joe Cianciotto – Reasons to Give New Music A Try

Many people, as they get older, begin to stop listening to new music, something which I genuinely believe to be a poor choice, and one which makes little sense. We all have music which was of our generation of course, but this doesn’t mean that music is generational, not be a long stretch. In fact it was my friend Joe Cianciotto who told me this terrible story about his uncle, who when asked in a pub quiz some music questions, he declared that if the question was about music after 1990, that he wouldn’t know.

It is easy to lose your way with music, but here is why I think that you should always entertain the idea of listening to new music.

Old But New

To not embrace new music doesn’t just mean music with is coming out now but also music which you may not have heard from the past. A perfect example of this would be the Beatles, one of the greatest bands with has ever existed. Now if you ask most people if they liked the Beatles they would say yes, and they may be able to reel off 20 songs of theirs, the band however had over 100 songs and so there is so much there to discover, a perfect reason why you should always look to hear music which you haven’t before.

It Can Sound Similar

There is absolutely nothing wrong with music sounding similar, not everything has to sound original and not everything which doesn’t sound original is a rip-off. If you look a band like Oasis for example, they were massively inspired by the Beatles and some of the songs sound the same. This however, doesn’t take anything away from the fact that they are a phenomenal band and their music is brilliant. This notion that nothing can sound like something from the past is absurd, music can sound however the band or artist wants it to sound.

Having The Optimism

 Having the optimism that the next song you hear may be the greatest that you have ever heard is the way to proceed here. You should not have the idea that you have already heard the greatest song ever written, because that is admitting that you are resigned to never enjoy another song or give another song a chance. We have new ways of making and producing music that we have never been able to do before and that means that we have no idea what kind of music could be around the corner.

Ultimately your attitude towards new music should be open minded, there is so much music out there being created and there is always going to be a voice, a style or a musician who you will fall in love with, it is just inevitable. Rediscover old bands and seek out new artists in order to add further depth to your music collection, I can assure you that you won’t regret it!

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