Party Bus Rental Atlanta, What You Can Expect

Last year when someone suggested a party bus rental Atlanta style, I had initially turned my nose up a bit. To be honest I really didn’t think that this kind of party was my style. The reality however was that things were only just beginning to reopen following the pandemic and we weren’t allowed to party in the way that we one could. A party bus rental meant that we could still go to a couple of bars, but that the party itself would take place amongst friends, on the road and inside the bus. I have to be honest, I was totally blown away by how well it went and we are currently in the process of looking to do it again in the next couple of weeks.

Should you look to hire a party bus, here is what you can expect.


We had a rough route planned out for the evening but there were some unexpected changes along the way. Some of the bars had closed early and others weren’t open at all, none of which we knew ahead of time. What was amazing is that the bus company were super flexible and were happy to take us wherever we wanted. In fact at one point that actually said that we could all just stay on the bus and drive around until the party was over.

Fully Stocked

You can sometimes take your own drinks on the bus, or you can take the option of the company sorting this out for you. I was so amazed with the quality and the quantity of the drinks which they provided for us and we really didn’t want for anything during our time there. The company even put on some snacks and I genuinely can’t fault that level of hospitality at all.

Well Designed

Part of me was worried before we entered the bus that it was literally going to be a standard bus, with some flashy lights and a sound system. I couldn’t have been more wrong however as the bus was pretty much designed like a mobile nightclub. This was so cool because it meant that everyone could enjoy certain seating areas, or have a dance on the floor should they have wished. If you have any reservations like I did, don’t worry as the design is incredible.

Time Flies

The best measure which I can give you on how much we enjoyed the bus was to say that the time absolutely flew by. In total we spent 6 hours on the bus and honestly it felt like about 2.


When you break down the cost amongst friends this is a seriously low cost way for you to party and it is part of the reason why we cannot wait to go again. If you think about what you’ll pay to get into clubs, the price really does pale in comparison when you take the bus.

All told this is a fantastic way for you to enjoy a night out with friends.

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