The Dawn of 5G Technology May Be What Resolves the Apple/Qualcomm Dispute

Apple and Qualcomm’s dispute has been going on throughout the years. Although Qualcomm used to provide Apple with the latest technologies on modems and chips, Apple believed that Qualcomm demanded royalties that didn’t belong to them, and Qualcomm that Apple was always using their devices in every iPhone sold. 

Their ongoing dispute definitely caused unhappiness among their consumers, given that they were expecting the best technology from Apple every year, and people knew that Qualcomm had to be involved for this to happen. Even when Apple turned to Intel to replace Qualcomm’s technology, people believed that this would slow down their future models given that they couldn’t keep up with Qualcomm’s latest trends. 

With this feud going on, Apple was facing harsh scrutiny from their consumers and they knew that they wouldn’t want to risk their lifetime reputation on the release of a bad iPhone. For this reason and many more, people believed that Apple would have to eventually make peace with Qualcomm, since they both needed each other to thrive. 

Given that Qualcomm holds the reputation for the top technology company in the USA, people expect Apple to provide nothing but the best in the same way. In addition, with the uprise of the 5G, Apple is looking into settling back into negotiations with Qualcomm to bring 5G chips into everyone’s iPhones, sooner than later. With this strategic move, Apple can bring back their reputation of delivering the client the newest technology in the market. 

It’s been said that even before the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm, Apple was already working with Intel in developing 5G chips for their iPhones however, it seems that the chip makers had issues developing the product. Intel’s struggle with 5G is probably the main reason for what brought Apple to settle their dispute with Qualcomm.

Given that Apple has always been under the public’s scrutiny they are always expected to exceed everyone’s expectations in their technology department as well as provide their customers with brand new models and features every year. It’s been thought that the pressure that they have to exceed expectations was the main reason why they had to settle things with Qualcomm; and although their legal battle lasted quite a while, for both of them it is of greater convenience to come to an agreement in the professional field. 

In April 2019, Apple and Qualcomm reached a big agreement, in which both companies have reached a six-year license agreement with a two year option to be able to work into revolutionizing technology. This means that both of them will be working into the 5G technologies, and we can only await what these collaborations will bring into the modern world. Definitely its known that their work together have brought revolutionizing products into the market, and it is one of the main reasons people really look forward to both of their work. We can only begin to imagine how amazing 5G will be once incorporated into all Apple devices.

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