The Latest Gossip Regarding Tom Cruise and The Religion Known As Scientology

Since being founded in 1950, the church of Scientology has faced numerous criticism for what goes on behind their closed doors. Since that time this organisation has become one of the most talked about and controversial religions in the world. While the information that is available from the public has come from ex-scientology members, the church has yet not responded to all the allegations made against them.

This church is well known for being associated with celebrities which is where the public’s fascination comes from, where they wonder what is this religion and what goes on in there. Being associated with celebrities has also been the main cause of the backlash that they receive from the public, as people accuse the organization of harnessing the power of fame and only dealing with VIP guests. While the church has used celebrities as their way of advertising the religion, the same celebrities are said to target more celebrities to join the cult. 

One of the main celebrities associated with Scientology is Tom Cruise. And while some people have asked themselves, did Tom Cruise quit scientology? He has proven himself throughout the years to be a faithful participant of the church.  Other celebrity members of the church that we know of are John Travolta, Kristie Alley, and Juliette Lewis. Cruise has been recognized as more than a simple participant and a faithful follower, claims have been made that along with the church leader, Tom Cruise is seen and treated by people like a God. 

All the backlash and negative allegations about the Scientology Church have been apparently hidden from Tom Cruise from the church leaders. The latest gossip says that he is very protected by the church and that everywhere he goes, they make sure that he doesn’t see any bad press on Scientology. 

An ex Scientology member was the one that opened up about what went on inside the Scientology church, and she divulged that the members of the cult would go as far as spoiling the celebrities in the church so that they would never think of leaving. One of the current Scientology gossip is that celebrities get personal assistants from the church assigned to them; and given that these assistants are church followers as well they go as far as to working in their homes for a minimum wage pay. 

When it comes to Tom Cruise the Scientology gossip seems endless. From his ex-wife Katie Holmes accusing him of trying to recruit his daughter Suri to become a part of the churt, to even rumors of Cruise asking Demi Moore to be his “Scientology Bride”. 

Mainly when people speak about Scientology they know there is a Hollywood Gossip involved, and as much as the church wants to stay away from the backlash, people believe that they keep on celebrities with them as the best way to get press. Although what we know from the church is mainly gossip, we can believe former members’ claims about how Scientology is further from being a church and is simply a cult. 

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