The Pros and Cons of a Vegan Diet

Adopting a new diet regime is a great thing to do, but before you think about starting, you have to inform yourself in order to do things right. When becoming a vegan there are tons of advantages that come with avoiding animal products, but there are certain disadvantages that you need to hear beforehand. 

Although research has shown that having a plant based diet is quite beneficial for your health, however is it the right diet for you? Check out the following pros and cons and learn this for yourself. 


  1. Weight Loss

As it is a change in your day to day diet, this new way of eating can definitely promote weight loss. You will be cutting tons of foods that are normally fatty for you, for example dairy, and you will be turning into more plant based meals, and for this reason you can lose weight easily.

  1. No Animal Killing

Going vegan means that you won’t have any foods that come from animals, even cheese, eggs, milk, or anything that is animal related. In today’s world, the consumption of animal foods have increased and for that reason, animals are bred specifically to become human food. By becoming vegan you can save animal lives by not ingesting any related products.

  1. Reduce Illness

Having a plant-based diet can definitely help you avoid illness and improve your health. Your parents weren’t lying when they said that eating your veggies was good for you. Now that your diet includes tons of vegetables and fruits you can see your health improving as it receives more nutrients from the earth. 

  1. Mindful eating

You are picking up a vegan diet as you are also becoming conscious that this is also better for the environment. The overproduction of farming and livestock has a very damaging impact on the planet and for that reason, your mindfulness can help the planet.


  1. Lacking Nutrients

Although their plant based meals are quite nutritious, there are some nutrients that animal foods provide them that plants cant. For instance, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and folate are all nutrients found in animal foods and if not ingested to the body they can affect the person. People who become vegan need to know the nutrients that they are going to miss in order to see how to get them into their bodies.

  1. Limited Food Choices

Something that you need to be aware of is the limited food choices you will have when cooking for yourself or even when going out to eat. Restaurants and different establishments have limited variations when it comes to vegan meals, and often going out to eat will be a struggle for you.

  1. Junk Food Isn’t Healthy

You will find out their tons of junk products that are vegan and for that reason, some people dive into unhealthy foods just because they are not animal-based. Going on a vegan diet involves eating healthy and taking care of yourself but some people can’t help but fall into junk food cravings.

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