Things You Should Know Before Visiting Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India and has become a major tourist destination worldwide. The city has a rich heritage and is a showcase of Indian culture. And every year, thousands of travel enthusiasts worldwide travel to the city to discover its rich cultural history and ancient historical buildings. Below are Things You Should Know Before Visiting Delhi.

How to get there

Delhi is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and in India. Indira Gandhi Airport is a center of international flights offered by Cathay Pacific and operates in almost all major cities in the world. In addition to flights, New Delhi connects to India’s major city with high-speed Indian trains and super-fast trains such as Rajani Express and Duronto Express trains. Therefore when planning to go to Delhi the fastest way to get to the city from other countries is through flights.

Book accommodation in advance

But before you go into town for any purpose, many things should be arranged for a smooth trip. The first thing you should think about is accommodation, but when you are in Delhi, do not worry about accommodation, as the city has a variety of hotels. From small to large hotels that will fit every pocket.

List Places to visit

There are many natural attractions and places to visit in this vibrant city. Make sure you see some of the city’s attractions.

Akshardham Temple – This is a newly built Hindu temple complex known for its amazing art and architecture. It is rapidly gaining popularity on the tourism map of India. This is the largest collection of Hindu temples in the world.

Gateway to India – One of the major tourist attractions in Delhi and India. It is a spectacular war memorial that stands proudly on the ceremonial street of Raj Road. Your tour of Delhi will be incomplete without visiting the impressive war memorial, India Gate.

Lotus Temple – The Lotus Temple, also known as the Baha’i Temple, is the home of the Baha’i worship. Faithful people respect her. This building is known for its great architecture and sometimes has more visitors than the great Taj Mahal in Agra. This is one of the seven wonders of the world in India.

Old fort- This is a historic and old building in Delhi. Not only is it worth visiting Delhi, but also one of the most visited travel destinations in India. The old castle with its huge walls, three gates, Shir Mahal, and the mosque can be visited.

Jama Masjid – The Great Mosque is located in front of the magnificent Red Fort, the largest mosque in India. It is remarkably religious and historical. In terms of tourism, Delhi is also a spectacular place.

Red Fort – Known as Lal Fort, Red Fort is one of the most visited attractions in Delhi. It is very significant due to the superiority of Indian architecture and tourism. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Qutub Minar- This is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which contributes major to India’s tourism. It is the largest brick and stone minaret in the world. This place is not only one of the tourist attractions in Delhi but also one of the most important places to visit in India.

Homayoun Tomb – This is a beautiful funerary monument. This site is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Delhi. He is known as the ancestor of the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra. These Delhi attractions have an honorable place in a program full of Indian tour packages. Visit Delhi and enjoy the great tourist attraction.

Traveling around to the city

 Ensure you have a thorough understanding of luggage and other items at airports, train stations, and bus stops. The simplest way to travel around the city is by rickshaw or subway. If you are unfamiliar with the buses’ language or streets, you can find buses in almost every corner of the city, but this is not a good option. When traveling or in crowded places, be careful with your bag and not keep your wallet or money in your back pockets. In general, the traffic is extremely terrible, and many drivers, cars or taxis do not think of anything more than ten times the usual fare for tourists. Before you move, find out your current public transportation fares and agree on pricing. If you believe your statement is unfounded, contact the nearest traffic police immediately at any time.

Travel Guides

It would be best if you stay away from unlicensed guides. As soon as you land in the city and leave the airport, you will be attacked by unauthorized guides who promise to take you to the best and cheapest hotels in Delhi. Take care! There have been cases where so-called travel guides have robbed people. Although these types of cases have become quite minor due to the Delhi local police’s increased vigilance, it is still advisable to avoid them and hire an authorized guide instead. You can easily inquire through the tourism section on the India website. They appear as guides, friendly residents, or even government or police officers. You should contact a government-approved tour operator. Don’t rely on car or taxi drivers to get to the right place.


You mustn’t share your original documents or information with anyone other than government officials, police officers, or immigrants in any case. It is best to plan your stay in Delhi before visiting Delhi. Don’t miss any taxi drivers about your stay in Delhi. Just follow the instructions of police officers or other government-approved intelligence centers such as Delhi Tourism.


Delhi has a harsh climate, which means it is very hot in summer and cold in winter. Plan a vacation to Delhi from February to March and from September to November. Then the weather in Delhi is the best. If you come for another month, you will be exposed to very hot or very cold weather.

Delhi is a great city for sightseeing, dining, music, art, and entertainment. It is getting better and better for residents. And for tourists, Delhi offers one of the unique holiday experiences.

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