10 Legitimate Side Gigs for Extra Income

Looking to make a little side income?

If you want a side gig that can earn you money while you work your main job or business, there are 10 particular side hustles that are easier than others.

And if you keep reading, you’ll learn the 10 legitimate side gigs to earn you more money.

1. Delivery Driver

If you have access to a vehicle, you could make extra income on the side from delivering food and groceries to customers.

There are a lot of companies, including Amazon Flex, DoorDash, and Grubhub that are always looking for drivers, and could be a great way for you to get started earning a side income.

2. Personal Assistant

Another great side hustle is becoming a personal assistant. There are a lot of very busy business owners that need someone to help manage their days and complete minor tasks for them.

Personal assistants are always in demand and it’s one of the best part-time side jobs.

3. Enabling Care Work

There are a lot of elderly people who cannot care for themselves anymore and need help with everyday tasks like cleaning, shopping, and cooking.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to make a great side income but you are also giving back to the community and making a difference in someone’s life.

A fast way to get enabling care work is to post in Facebook groups offering out your services and getting leaflets designed and delivered around your local area.

Enabling care work is incredibly sought after but not regularly catered for, so there is a huge gap in the market for this.

4. Dog Walking

Love dogs? Why not be a dog walker? It’s surprising how many dog owners don’t have enough time to walk their dogs, and there’s where you step in.

Dog walkers are always in demand and you can very quickly have a handful of dog walking clients paying you per hour.

Just like enabling care work, you can quickly begin getting dog walking clients by posting on Facebook groups, and getting custom leaflets designed and delivered around your local area.

5. Customer Service

Customer service representation is one of the most popular work from home side jobs. If you are a friendly, helpful person then you might be perfect for customer service.

There are many customer service opportunities online with companies that always need positions filled for both weekday and weekend shifts.

6. Freelance Work

If you have experience in a particular field like content writing, social media, or video editing, you should try offering your skills to companies. Freelancers are in huge demand and can be a fast way to generate side income.

You can list your services on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freeup, Freelancer, GURU, and PeoplePerHour, and begin getting your first paying clients within days.

7. Rent Your Spare Room

Do you have a spare room in your house? Why not rent it out with sites like Airbnb, or neighbor? Although some people don’t like the idea of strangers living in their house, it can be a fantastic way of earning a side income.

8. Flipping

One of the faster ways to earn side income is through flipping. If you have stuff in your house that you don’t want anymore, you can put it up for sale on sites like eBay, and Facebook Marketplace and make money by the end of the day.

Also, you can find cheap or low-cost products, and flip them more cash on different sites. Many people don’t understand the value of their things and that’s where good research on different items can make you a lot of money.

So, if you are trying to find a side hustle that can possibly generate you money today, flipping is it.

9. Home Cleaning

If you are happy getting your hands dirty, providing cleaning services could be another fantastic way to make a side income.

There are a lot of people who are incapable of cleaning their own homes or who are too busy, and are looking to pay someone an hourly rate to clean their home for them.

Like enabling care work and dog walking, one of the quickest ways to get cleaning clients is by posting in Facebook groups, and getting leaflets designed and delivered around your local area.

One of the great things about cleaning as a side income is its often recurring income, as your clients will likely want you to come back at least once a week.

10. Sell Your Knowlege Online

If you have learned any skills that you feel other people would like to learn, you can create an online course to teach people what you know.

Sites like Udemy, and Skillshare make it incredibly easy to create and sell your own online courses, sometimes even promoting the product for you too!

11. Start an OnlyFans Account

Did you know how that OnlyFans saw a 553% increase in revenue during the pandemic? Imagine what that equates to when it comes to income being drive means for creators on the platform.

With sex and nudity feeling so much less taboo, thousands of creators are joining the platform daily.

TikTok stars and influencers like Jayla Page and Addison Rae are some of the top creators who are pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions per year.

While this is not the most ideal side gig for everyone, it is a very formidable option for many as the economy starts to turn down and the amount of people at home online on their phones and laptops is continually increasing.

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