Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

We can’t deny the influence that technology has in the world that we live in today. In a way it has made our life easier but it has also turned us into lazy beings. Technology is everywhere and it’s scary to think how we could live without it. Most of us can’t imagine a time where we didn’t have phones and computers, as they seem so necessary nowadays. The reality is that we have been relying so much on it that we often stop doing things for ourselves, to the point where we have to admit ourselves that technology makes us lazy.

Not to say negative things about technology, because it also has a lot of advantages, but definitely we would be lost without it and by relying too much on it, we wouldn’t be able to do things by ourselves.

When was the last time you used a map?

Nowadays we guide ourselves with Google Maps or any kind of virtual map that can lead the way to our final destination. However, have these kinds of applications made us lazy? Most of us wouldn’t know which way to go if the option of technology was removed from the table. 

Even scouts would be using kids how to use a GPS to guide themselves instead of a compass; and although it can be great learning new technology tips and tricks, it could also mean we wouldn’t know how to do things without it.

Social Media

Even though texting or calling might seem already like the only way to communicate, this is just the new ways the generations from today have chosen to communicate. They have become lazy and when they can talk to someone they rather text or email the person. Another trait that demonstrates that technology has made people lazy, and has definitely changed the way we communicate these days. 

Online Shopping

Another aspect that has in some ways made our lives easier given that with just one click we can have something delivered right to your door, but this also means another excuse not to leave the couch. Even food is now delivered to your doorstep, and you don’t even have to make the call. Whatever you crave for can arrive at your home in a couple of hours or minutes. This is something that definitely has made us work less for what we want. 

Virtual Office

A lot of businesses rely on technology simply to function. Some businesses do everything online, they receive orders, send out shipments, contact their clients and their workers virtually, etc.  They have the tools and all the information they might need there which can be great to their advantage, but again it might be their biggest weakness if they were hacked or if they couldn’t rely on that technology. 

Although technology could be used to our advantage, it has also become one of our weaker points given that we wouldn’t know how to do things without it. We can definitely use it to make our life easier but we should also be responsible and not rely solemnly on it. When we use technology we need to ask ourselves is technology making us lazy? So that we can properly use it and not waste our time on it.

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