Apple Might Intentionally Put Inferior Chips in Its Devices

If you know anything about Apple, you’ll also remember it’s extensive dispute with Qualcomm. Qualcomm is the biggest technology company in the USA that creates intellectual property, semiconductors, software, and services related to wireless technology. As known by the public, Apple and Qualcomm have an ongoing dispute since 2017, which led to Apple cutting their ties with them and no longer receiving their chips from them.

Their ongoing dispute has been attributed to the fact that Apple accuses Qualcomm of charging unfair royalties for technology aspects that they are supposedly not involved in; whereas Qualcomm claims that every aspect of their technology is in every iPhone sold in Apple. For this reason their business relationship has been deteriorating and has caused Apple to look for a replacement, which might not be the best news for their consumers.

Apple and Qualcomm have been involved for years now, and Qualcomm’s technology has been used on numerous iPhones, and now it’s been said that the iPhone X will be the last version made with the Qualcomm chips.

With this situation going on, people have claimed that Apple will use different technology in their future releases, and since they can’t keep up with Qualcomm’s latest versions, people believe that Apple might use inferior chips in their new devices. 

Although Apple might be figuring out a way to make things work with Intel, this is definitely bad news to their consumers. People who buy from Apple expect a new product release year after year, and with such a purchase they also expect the latest technology trends available. 

What consumers can’t believe is that Apple would be capable of releasing new products with inferior chips intentionally. Apple is very much aware that they can’t compete with Qualcomm’s technology, however they are still capable of continuing all their production processes to meet the release deadlines, even though they might not have the newest technology for it.

Furthermore, people know that with this ongoing change, this could potentially slow down Apple’s phones in the future. 

Although Apple has always strived to become number one in the technology sector, they know already that Qualcomm modems are way more modern for their faster speed. Even if Intel modems are great quality, Qualcomm’s are knowingly superior. If Apple decides to change solely to Intel, consumers already know that they are going to suffer from a slower connection.

With this decision, Apple has put their every move under the microscope, as they know their clients will be carefully examining their newest product line. If their decision was to replace their chips for inferior models, they could potentially be experiencing an intense backlash from everyone. 

People can only hope that Apple doesn’t let down their customer base, which has been very loyal throughout the years. Apple has been a very successful company on increasing their product prices each year and still have customers who will make the purchase, the only thing their customers expect is newer models and newer technology; hopefully this would be something that they can keep up with.

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