Brian Ferdinand: Thinking About Starting A Business?Go To Miami

Your dream is to create your own business, but you’re not exactly sure where to build it. Which city or region of the United States would make the perfect spot for your new venture? In a recently published article, business expert Brian Ferdinand explains why Miami is one of the best places to set up shop, as well as which industries experience the greatest success there.


Miami has been ranked as one of the top five municipalities in the United States for achieving the greatest level of business growth, according to Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of CorpHousing Group. This growth has been witnessed in multiple industries, including finance. In fact, Miami features the biggest concentration of global banks in America. Thus, if you are interested in launching a firm in the area of banking, insurance, or finance, Miami may be the right spot for you.

Miami also remains a core hub for tourism and travel. After all, the city remains home to cruise lines that are widely known throughout the world. In light of this, Miami should top your list of places to do business if meeting the needs of tourists is your passion. You could also start a trans-state, local, or intra-city transport business if this is more your area of interest and you’re seeking a recession-proof industry.


Outside of finance and tourism, you may want to consider launching a daycare business in Miami. The reason for this is that many mothers in the city work full time, so the market for child care services is huge. You could also start your own translation business if you speak English along with one other core language, such as Spanish, French, or Arabic.

Another potentially promising business opportunity involves creating your own errand service. Because people are busy today and face tight work schedules, you can easily help to lighten their loads—and get paid for it—by running errands for them. These errands may range from caring for their children to caring for their pets, going shopping, and even paying bills.

Finally, Miami is a top area for consultants to make money in areas such as health and business. If you can figure out how to help people to excel in their industries and achieve their goals, you can be in high demand in the months and years ahead.

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