Choosing Coffee Beans: Our Top Tips

Whether you are picking out coffee beans for your home or for your office supply, you need to make sure that you are looking into all of the available options. Some of the more well-known brands sell coffee beans but are these sustainable? What do they taste like? Making the right decision is not always easy, especially if you are new to espresso coffee.

To help you choose the right coffee beans for your morning cup, we thought we would put together some tips. Use these tips to make the right choice.

Where Do They Come From?

One of the first things that you should check when choosing espresso beans is where they are coming from. There are two types of coffee that are typically used in commercially grown coffee. This includes both Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Usually, you’ll be able to tell the kind of coffee beans used by checking the packaging. Many people consider Arabica roasts to be of higher quality so this might be a good place to start.

Brand Values

One of the biggest problems with the coffee industry is that there are many farmers who don’t get their fair share of the profit. Luckily, there are some initiatives that mean that you can tell which brands are looking after the farmers and which aren’t. For this reason, we suggest that you do some research into the brand values of the company that you are considering buying coffee beans from. Do they farm their beans in a sustainable way? Understanding how they operate might make you more confident that they are the right brand to support.


Often, it can be hard to tell what coffee beans will taste like before you buy them. Some espresso bean suppliers will try to describe the flavours in their beans so this can be a good place to start. Once you try a few different types of espresso beans, you’ll understand which flavours you like and which you don’t. Tasting the coffee is the best part so we are sure you won’t hate this part of figuring out your favourite beans.

Value for Money

The final tip that we have for those who want to make sure that they choose the right coffee beans is to make sure to consider the value for money. Some coffee beans will be much more expensive than others, but this doesn’t always mean that they are of a higher quality. Some brands will charge more as they pay the coffee farmers more, but this is also not always the case. When picking out your coffee beans, make sure to assess the value for money so you aren’t overpaying.

Get Shopping

Now that you know a bit more about how you can choose the right coffee beans for you, you should get shopping. Make sure to consider everything that we have discussed in this article and use our tips to make the right choice!

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