Menthol E Liquid and More, Great Flavors To Try When Vaping 

A lot of people are under the impression that vaping is just about using tobacco flavored juice, but the reality is that there are so many flavors which you can choose from. If you are yet to get adventurous with your vaping then we are going to introduce you to some flavor options which you may not have considered. Now each brand will create their own flavors so we are going to keep things general here. With this being said most brands do offer a variety of flavors including those which we are going to discuss here. 

Menthol Juice

One of the most commonly bought flavors is menthol E-liquid which provides a fresh burst of minty flavor to those who love it most. Most menthol flavors use peppermint but occasionally you can find some which have also been given the spearmint treatment. This flavor really makes your mouth feel alive and you can count on that little crisp hit at the back of your throat when you try out a menthol flavor. 

Salted Caramel

There have been a number of attempts to bring some sweetness to the world of vaping, and not all have gone down well. For example chocolate flavor may sound great but the reviews for most products really weren’t very good at all. One sweet flavor which has most certainly worked well has been that of salted caramel. This flavor when consumed in food is odd, but moreish, and the same can be said with regards to the vape juice of the same flavor. Some people love nothing more than enjoying a salted caramel vape once they have finished eating, much like others enjoy a dessert. 

Melon Flavor

There are a number of flavors, especially when it comes to fruits, that people prefer when vaping than they do when eating. The perfect example of this would be strawberry, which most suggest is the best tasting fruit, but when put in a vape pen that flavor just doesn’t translate well. Conversely you have melon flavor, which is sweeter and more flavorsome than a melon itself. This is by far one of the most popular fruit flavored vapes and that is because of this real depth of flavor which it is able to offer. 


Most adults cannot get away with chewing bubblegum as they used to, given that this is generally viewed as a kid’s treat. There is however no reason why you cannot enjoy that sweet and tangy flavor in your vape pen. Many brands and companies offer bubblegum flavor juice and this particular flavor is growing in popularity as every year passes. Remember that you don’t have to vape the same flavor all of the time, which is exactly why people love to keep bubblegum on hand for when they need that little sense of being a child again. 

These are some great flavors which you should look to try out in your vape pen. 

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