Javier Burillo – What to Expect at a Mexican Football Game

Slowly but surely the world is reopening after last year’s pandemic, including sporting stadiums. The news that it won’t be long before Mexican football games can be attended by fans has taken me back to my very first experience at a game. Coming from the UK, we have high standards when it comes to football stadium experiences, and it is fair to say that Mexico offers a very different experience entirely.

If you happen to be visiting Mexico and you want to go to a game, here is what you can expect from your time there.

Food Choices

When I first went to that game with my friend Javier Burillo, I suggested going for a meal first, I was told however, that with the snack options available, this wouldn’t be necessary, and he was right. In the UK food can be bought behind the seating and you have to miss parts of the game or queue up at half time if you want to get something. Here in Mexico however this is just not the case and there is food being sold all of the time, directly at your seat. From noodles to pizzas, popcorn to hot dogs, there are plenty of options for you here.


If you have a basic grasp of Spanish you will be able to have a great laugh at some of the chants which you hear at the stadium. Home and away fans actually sit close together, with the more raucous fans kept separate. This results in great banter between the two sets of supporters and it makes for just as good entertainment as the game itself.


Mexican football is nowhere near the standard of the likes of European nations, and this actually means that the game can be more exciting. Additionally there is a much higher focus on attacking rather than defending here, which results in plenty of goals and activity. Not only this, but the passion which the Mexicans have for the game can often spill over and there are certainly some questionable tackles which take place. The result of this is of course, plenty of yellow and red cards, which serves to really keep the fans excited.


All told this is a far cheaper experience than you may think and this extends far beyond the tickets, which are incredibly cheap. So many football clubs get criticism for their high prices in the stadium, but this is not the case at all in Mexico. Food, memorabilia and even transport to and from the stadium are very low cost and this means that you can enjoy multiple games during your time here, without breaking the bank as you do so.

This is a great experience and a chance to see some of the country’s oldest and most successful clubs in action. This is definitely recommended to anyone who enjoys watching live sport, and it will showcase another side of the Mexican culture.

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