When Is the Best Time to Give Ham As Holiday Gifts?

A gift basket is an excellent way to reward employees. However, it often conveys that you care more about the amount of money your employees receive than the meaning behind the gift.

Plus, it can make employees feel obligated to share their gifts with others. On the other hand, your employees can enjoy the entire gift with a holiday ham.

Holiday Traditions

Some holidays are only complete with certain foods. Whether you credit it to childhood memories or cultural expectations, foods like ham have become synonymous with holiday celebrations.

Unlike the candy, cookies, and other treats that make up gift baskets, holiday hams will give your employees a genuine appreciation. They’re a delicious and wholesome treat that your team will appreciate at a family-style meal.

For an added touch of sentiment, consider starting a new holiday tradition with your team this year. You can do something as simple as a gingerbread or latke competition or as involved as an annual Christmas tree campout. It’s a fun way to get your team together and do something charitable each holiday season.


Some holidays are only complete with certain foods. Whether this is due to a nostalgic connection with childhood experiences or a cultural expectation, there’s no denying that food is central to many holiday festivities. Hams are no exception.

As an employee gift, a holiday ham conveys more than just a simple “thank you for your hard work.” It’s a statement that shows your team members that you care about them and want to bring joy to their lives this season.

Unlike the stale candy and sugary snacks found in most gift baskets, your employees’ family and friends will immediately enjoy a holiday ham. Additionally, a ham only requires a little storage space, unlike the large stacks of gift bags that clutter tables and closets all season long. This makes it an excellent option for offices looking to streamline some of their holiday gift ideas this year.


For many Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings, turkey, ham, and various side dishes. This holiday was originally a religious holiday, but as the country became more urban and families moved farther apart, this day of thanks and gratitude began to include all family members regardless of religion or background.

Gifting a holiday ham conveys several non-verbal indications of appreciation and gratitude to your employees. And, unlike the voluminous gift baskets that pile up on their desks and under their Christmas trees, they can easily be stored in a single envelope or tucked inside a card.

Hams are cured with salt, pepper, and other spices and then slowly smoked over hardwood for up to a year. Once cured, a ham should be glazed to add sweetness and savory flavor. This glazed ham is then spiral cut and smothered with honey to create a sweet, crispy glaze. It is the perfect holiday treat that every family member can enjoy.


Hams aren’t just a part of Christmas; they’re also popular with Easter dinners and other special occasions. Even if your employees don’t celebrate Easter, they will likely use their holiday gift ham for another meal or special event.

Unlike the individually wrapped snacks commonly included in gift baskets, hams don’t contain any ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Likewise, they’re far more durable than the paper and cardboard products used to make some of the typical gift basket contents.

Finally, a ham is easy to store and takes up little space. Employees can easily stash a ham in a closet or drawer where it will stay fresh for many months. That’s more than they can say for most other items in a typical gift basket. In addition, a ham can be enjoyed hot or cold, which provides flexibility for your employees.

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