William Huyler – Reasons to Get Started With Photography

During the lockdown there were many people who looked to pick up a new hobby to pass the time, myself included. I weighed up all of my options and eventually decided that the best idea for me would be to start photography. I had always wanted to try this hobby and given the amount of time that I now had on my hands, it made sense to get started now.

I am by no means good at this, but I have managed to improve a great deal, largely thanks to the advice of people like William Huyler, who have been doing this far longer than I have. I would encourage anyone to get started with this kind of thing, especially if they are creative. Here is exactly why I think this is a great hobby to get started with.

Low Cost

Despite what you may think, photography is not at all a high cost pursuit. Whilst the buying of cameras and equipment can be costly, it really doesn’t have to be and there is a wealth of low cost options which you can consider when you get started. In fact I have friends who have got started with this hobby using  nothing more than the phone camera which they already have in their pockets. As you get better and more advanced, spending more money maybe something you wish to do, getting started however really doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Endless Passion

My favorite thing about learning to take better shots and capture better images is that there is never a moment whereby you can say that things are perfect. I always wanted this kind of hobby, one where I could always be striving to get better and to improve. In fact if you listen to professionals they will often tell you the same, that they are never satisfied and that they are always working towards trying to make things better than they are.

Online Resources

It has never been easier to get help and tips on this hobby than it is right now. Across social media and on forums and video sharing sites, you will find an enormous amount of information and tips on how you can get better, how to get started and what kind of equipment you should be using. This is something that has greatly helped me and thanks to those who post guides and tips, I have managed to improve my ability.

The Community

And finally I should mention the photo-taking community which is really cool and full of people who can help you out and who want to share their experiences. I have felt fully welcomed by so many and they spur me on when it comes to taking awesome photos. Not all hobby communities are as friendly as this one, which is one of the reasons that I love chatting about the images and take advice on how to take better shots.

Why not get started this week?

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