7 Eco Friendly Ways to Clean Your Home

People have often wondered what is the best way to clean their homes and what products should they be using. When people end up buying their cleaning supplies from the grocery store, they often don’t realize that the ingredients that they are buying aren’t usually eco-friendly and some can be quite toxic. 

There are a couple eco-friendly solutions to this problem, and some can even be found in your very own home. Start reading the ingredients that your cleaning supplies and find out what you are really using to clean your home.

Here are some eco-friendly ways you can clean your home.

1. Lemons

Nothing more eco-friendly than using an actual lemon to do the cleaning. If you always find it tedious to clean the microwave, this might be the ideal solution for you. Add lemon to a bowl with water and heat for 3 minutes. After cleaning all the inner sides of the microwave with a clean rag and all ready and clean for you with natural ingredients. 

2. Bicarbonate of Soda

Simple, cheap and non toxic material to clean your house with, bicarbonate of soda does a great job cleaning up after stains, grease spots, and even silverware. 

If you also add a little water to a mixture of bicarbonate of soda until it becomes a paste you can clean while clothes and leave them out to the sun until the paste dries up, then shake it off  and see how your old clothes have become clean white.

3. No Washing Machine

Another eco friendly trick to clean after your stuff is avoiding the use of the washing machine and cleaning everything by hand. This will not only save lots of water but energy as well.

4. Switch to a Rag

Forget paper towels. Although they clean well, there is nothing more polluting and contaminating to the environment than the constant use of paper towels. Switch to a rag and clean it from time to time to maintain it fresh, but avoid wasting paper towels on every spilled liquid, it is truly just a waste.

5. White Vinegar

Replace a lot of cleaning supplies with this simple ingredient, vinegar. Aside from cleaning your counters, tables and many other surfaces, it is also great to disinfect your fruit and vegetables. Add water and vinegar to a small spray bottle and use it to clean all of your veggies.

6. Buy only eco-friendly

If you are indeed buying cleaning supplies, make sure they are eco-friendly. Read the description of the product and only buy what doesn’t pollute and affect you and your family at home. Avoid toxic chemicals in your products and opt for more natural ingredients in your bottles.

7. Olive Oil

Another great natural ingredient for cleaning.Olive oil is great to polish wooden surfaces, as well as it is a great product for picking up dirt when used on top of a surface. 

Use any of these supplies that you have at home already and clean your house in a way that is more beneficial to you and to the environment. 

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