8 Effective Ways to Improve Your Studying Skills

Whether some people are good for studying, other’s have a harder time concentrating and finding the time to revise the necessary information. 

Strong study skills can help you in the long run, to retain information better, improve your concentration and learn more. 

There is no reason why studying should be tedious and complicated, finding effective ways to improve your studying skills can help you enormously to prepare for any quiz or test thrown your way. Check out the following list to see for yourself which learning method is more suitable for you and apply it.

1.Note Taking

Whether you might think this is not helpful at all, actually note taking is the core to studying. Taking notes during class in an organized manner is a perfect way to introduce the information to your brain before you study it. This way, whenever you study the information it will seem familiar to you and easier to comprehend.

2.Understand What You Read

Often harder than it sounds but with time it comes by easy. Often reading assignments are ignored by students or simply read by without fully understanding the information. Reading and understanding is a great way to revise the information being taught in class. Don’t ignore this important method to improve your studying, as you will see that paying attention to your reading can help you learn the information from the beginning and already know it for the future.


Harder at first but with practice comes perfect. Practicing your memorization skills is key for studying. If you never try to memorize anything by the time you have to study it will be nearly impossible, unlike if you constantly practice your memorization skills by the time you have to prepare for a test, it will be a piece of cake. 

4.Ask Questions

There is no such thing as a stupid or dumb question, on the contrary, dumb is the person that doesn’t ask and never fully knows or understands the information. Asking questions will feed your curiosity and will enhance your knowledge without a doubt.


Often this is the best trick to improve your studying skills. Having only the top information filtered into flashcards is the best way to keep the information fresh in your brian. Even during note taking we often lose the information that we need, and in flashcards you have it right in the palm of your hand. Without mentioning that flashcards are the best way for the brain to retain the information by seeing the information uncluttered physically and processing it that way to the brain.

6.Know your learning style

Understand if you perceive the information better visually, by audio meaning listening to it, kinesthetically by action, or simply by reading or writing the information yourself. By knowing which way is easier for you to comprehend you will make it easier for your body to receive the information. If you get easily distracted by lots of words in a paper, try listening to videos or audios talking about the information, and see which one works best for you.

7.Location is Key

Where you are studying is very important in order to ensure the brain retains the information. If you are in your room with the tv on, most likely you aren’t going to concentrate on the information, on the other hand if you are in a cafeteria or library on your own only focusing on your studying might be the best way for your brain to capture all the information.

8.Take study breaks

There is nothing more frustrating than studying for a long time. Even after a while your brain becomes tired and stops retaining as much information as when it was fresh and energized. Take a small break every 15-30 minutes, walk around, stretch, drink water and eat something. Make sure your brain is powered and active in order for you to continue.

Find the method that best suits you, or even apply them all and see how your studying skills improve rapidly. You will be nailing your tests in no time!

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