8 Luxury Travel Destinations to visit on your next vacation

When thinking of your next vacation you are definitely thinking of what are the most trendy and the hottest spots to visit at the moment. When it comes to luxury, there are some places that will go overboard to please their vacationers, and these are the main destinations that you will want to pay a visit on your next vacation. 

Luxury travelers are looking to spend more and for this reason, they expect more, and their expectations become higher every year. 


Who could ever resist the dolce vita? Some places here are simply unforgettable to visit, try from Florence to Rome to see their magnificent Michelangelos and da Vincis, or even Milan if you are talking about fashion and luxury. Or have you ever considered the Amalfi Coast’s seaside promenades, they are simply breathtaking. 


Nothing says luxury as the city of lights. Paris has everything you could wish for, from amazing food to even luxurious fashionable places. Aside from being such a romantic destination, Paris can be quite luxurious as its lavish lifestyle can prove to you.

New York

If you haven’t been to New York, you need to know that only the richest of the richest live here, exactly in Manhattan. Visit trendy restaurants and luxurious spots where you will be spoiled and pampered. 

French Polynesia

Crystal clear waters and the warmest sun in all Tahiti, this place is to die for. This place isn’t for everyone, only for the most luxurious guests, and the tabs in this place only keep going up. Stay in an over the water bungalow and feel like you are retrieved from the entire world in your private cabana. 


If you are looking for a place to spend money and be treated like royalty, this is it. From luxurious hotels to over the top restaurants, this place has everything you might need. Adventure in the desert and on the next day spend it by the sea. This place has luxury written all over it.

The Greek Islands

If you have a chance, rent out a boat to make your experience even more pleasing. Sail from island to island through gorgeous deep blue waters. Also experience the beach clubs and the high-end restaurants with astonishing views.

The Exumas, or “Out Islands” of the Bahamas

Long known as destinations of celebrities and luxurious travelers, the Exumas are a dream of a Caribbean island escape. This place is filled with private islands you can rent for your luxurious trips. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, the Bahamas is known for its luxurious hotels and casinos.


Another quite luxurious destination to visit in Japan. If you love sushi and eccentric fashion, then this is the place for you. Japan is known to be a great tourist spot and for those who want a luxurious destination, Japan has also this side for you. Enjoy their amazing restaurants with astonishing views and shop through their luxurious designer stores, nothing will feel more exciting than visiting this place.

Start planning ahead and make sure you include at least one of these luxury travel destinations on your next vacation.

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