Becoming Better Parents because of today’s world situation

Parenting isn’t as some people might claim that it is, especially in today’s world with a global pandemic upon everyone, understanding that the world is changing and that things might not ever be the same again requires parenting methods to change and to adapt to the current situation. 


Lots of things had changed with the COVID pandemic, schools had to shut down to avoid the spread of the virus and for that reason the entire school system had to re-adapt and switch to online methods. This implied that parents were now going to be responsible for their kids’ education, and they were going to have to be more involved as parents. For many parents this was difficult, people were used to dropping their kids at school and leaving the learning to a teacher or professor, and now parents also had to re-adjust what they thought being a parent meant. 

At Home Learning

The world pandemic switched everyone’s mentalities, and people had to compromise to make things work, even if they had to do it from home. For parents this meant being more patient with their kids and sitting down with them in order to encourage that learning process. In order to help out their kids, parents needed to become the best version of themselves to achieve this. That meant, being there for their kid, establishing learning periods and a specific time for playing and fooling around. 

Being a better parent, today

Today’s world is definitely different from the one adults grew up in twenty or thirty years ago. Being a good parent today involves coping with all of the distractions that surround kids such as social media, television, movies, and the entire digital world. Some challenges here that come with parenting is being afraid of saying “NO”, especially in today’s world, kids spend tons of time indoors and you as a parent might feel like you are prohibiting them from their freedom of being outside and with their friends. Nevertheless, you still need to put boundaries and restrictions. Kids need to grow with rules and learn from your experience what is right and what is wrong, what can they do,and what they can’t. 

Overload of Information

You might feel like one of the biggest challenges is not overloading your kids with information. This is understandable, as now the time in front of the computer is increased and you might feel like you are saturating them with information that they can’t hold on to. Understand that it is a process for both of you, you as a parent and your kid as well. You are both living through a brand new situation, and just like you feel like you don’t know what to do, they don’t know what to expect. In educational matters, pace yourself, see how much your kids can stand taking information in, and then work out from there. Learn about this together, and use this time at home to bond even further. 

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