Benefits of AP World History Study Resources

AP World History is one of the most challenging AP courses. Getting a five on the exam requires consistent and diligent studying. Ideally, your AP teacher will give you multiple-choice practice tests throughout the year. If not, various AP prep books offer practice questions. Be sure only to use reputable AP study resources.

Studying on Your Own

AP World History is a challenging course in terms of content and length, and it isn’t straightforward to do well on the exam without adequate study time. A good AP score is essential for many college admissions goals, and in some cases, a five on an AP test can even earn you tuition discounts at specific colleges. Fortunately, the AP World History curriculum doesn’t require memorizing every name, date, and place. Instead, the course focuses on teaching primary historical contexts and trends — students are expected to know the big picture. Nevertheless, a solid understanding of all critical topics is essential for a strong score on the AP exam, and studying with supplemental AP world history study resources can help students prepare. One of the best supplemental resources for studying independently is an AP World History prep book, which can provide a quick and easy overview of course material. However, prep books should not be used as a replacement for reading your textbook throughout the year. Reading a prep book in the spring may cause blind spots regarding the exam. An excellent way to practice for the multiple-choice section of the AP World History exam is by doing some free-response practice questions. Find a journal prompt you like, set a timer, and write about it as quickly as possible (without making too many errors). After the allotted time is up, go over your answers. Repeat this process a few times a week.

Studying in the Classroom

AP World History covers events, people, and developments that have shaped human societies from the earliest civilizations to the present. The course is equivalent to an introductory college-level world history class and requires that students learn about significant themes, including trade, migration, conflict, religion, technology, and war. Unlike AP US History, which asks for fine-grained knowledge of specific dates and events, the AP World History exam writers are less concerned with the minutiae. To score well on the exam, students need to understand long-term historical trends rather than trying to memorize all of the specific dates and names in their textbooks. The AP World History exam lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes and consists of multiple choice questions, document-based questions, and a long essay question. It’sIt’s essential for students to take practice tests to get a feel for what the test format will be like. These practice tests will help students identify which topics they understand well and which they need to focus on studying for. Taking AP World History can give students an edge in their college applications by showing an interest in challenging, academically rigorous coursework. Some colleges may even grant credit for students scoring three or higher on the AP World History exam. Students must prepare thoroughly for the AP World History exam to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of global history.

Studying Online

AP World History is a vast class with many topics and a massive period. Students can’tcan’t sleep through the year and then skim a prep book in April and expect to get a 5. It takes consistent preparation throughout the year with a variety of study methods. Fortunately, there are plenty of free resources available that can help you succeed in this challenging class. There are multiple-choice practice tests, flashcards, and online tutoring options. These tools can help you identify your weakest areas, give you a leg up on the subject matter, and provide a sense of confidence on exam day. Many of these online practice tests are interactive and allow you to choose between answers for each question. You can then see a breakdown of your score compared to others and receive an in-depth explanation of the correct answer. This is a great way to see where you need to catch up on your AP World History knowledge. There are also several AP World History flashcards available that can help you with your studying. These flashcards break the syllabus into categories: cultural history, demographic and environmental history, political and economic development, and social/technological change. You can study by period or with a randomized mix of cards and even track your progress with stats.

Studying with a Tutor

A tutor can help you study for AP World History by teaching you the skills you need to perform well on this challenging exam. A good AP tutor will teach you test-taking strategies and how to think like a historian and understand global chronologies. They can also show you how to break down complex questions, bolster your essay writing skills by demonstrating how to construct a solid outline, and help you identify critical historical patterns. The AP World History exam covers global events from 1200 to the present day, which can be overwhelming information for students. However, suppose you prepare correctly throughout the year. In that case, a strong score on this exam can save you thousands of dollars in college tuition and demonstrate that you are interested in challenging, college-level coursework. College admissions staff may also see your AP scores as a sign of academic rigor and a willingness to work hard. The best way to prepare for the AP World History exam is by taking a practice test. This will give you an idea of which areas you need to focus on studying for, and it will also help you practice pacing yourself for the 3-hour 15-minute exam.

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