Consider Replacing Your AC After Noticing These Signs

When your air conditioning system isn’t running correctly, you can expect tons of issues. Employees might feel discomfort while working, and it could impact their productivity. If the office is in an area where the temperature could soar during the summer, you need a fully-functioning AC. These signs will tell you that it might be time to replace the system and invest in a new one. 

The AC is over ten years old

It’s best to replace the AC system if it’s been in use for over ten years. Modern devices are more durable, but still inefficient if used for a long time. You will notice signs of wear and tear after a while. Proper maintenance could extend the life of the AC system for a few more years, but it won’t be beyond 15 years. Check the date of installation and see if it’s time to replace the AC system. 

The electric bills keep rising

Your electric bills might increase due to a lot of reasons. A broken AC system could be one of them. If your device has been around for a long time, it becomes less efficient. Failure to maintain the AC could also make it less efficient. Ask an expert if maintenance and repair services could help correct the problems and make the AC work perfectly again. Otherwise, you have to buy a new AC system. 

The temperature is inconsistent

There are times when the area feels comfortable, but there are times when it’s scorching. Even if you set the temperature at the same level, you don’t feel the same way. It means that your AC system has a problem, and it requires immediate repairs. It could be due to clogged filters, leaky ducts, or damaged motors. If the repair expert tells you that the problems have piled up, you have to consider buying a new system. You will save more money investing in a new AC than in doing all these repairs. 

There are signs that a problem exists

You might also see other signs of existing problems with the AC system. For instance, you hear squealing, rattling, and grinding sounds. Modern AC systems are usually quiet. If you start hearing loud noises, there might be an issue with the broken components, including the fan belt. Unusual smells are also another sign. They might indicate melted wiring, mould in the ducts, or burnt parts. The only way to determine if you can still fix these problems is to ask a commercial air conditioning expert to come over and diagnose the system. 

Find out if simple fixes could do the trick. You’re lucky if you only have to spend on minor repairs. However, if the repair expert tells you that it’s best to buy a new AC system, you have to do it. You don’t want to keep spending on repairs due to the recurring issues. Choose the right brand and carefully inspect the features before investing in an air conditioning system.

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