Enrico Frank Andreoli Montreal and What It’s Like To Live There

As part of our focus on city living around the world today we are going to focus on the Canadian city of Montreal, a fascinating city and one which is very much a city of variety. For Enrico Frank Andreoli Montreal was a city that he brought his family to in his 30s, to open up a restaurant here. Some twenty years on and Enrico and his family now have multiple business interests in the city and this has very much become the place where he calls home. We caught up with Enrico to find out exactly what it is like to live in Montreal, and why more people should come here. 

Sweeping Weather Changes

Montreal is a city which has very clearly marked seasons, and you can feel them coming. This, Enrico tells us, is a big positive for a city because you are able to make those small changes which each season brings. When we say there is a swing we are deadly serious and in summer the temperatures can reach over 30 degrees and in winter they can drop to over minus 30. Each season brings new activities and new ways of living, a lovely way to experience life. 


Montreal is often spoken about as a city for the many, lived in by a few, and this is a very important point to make about the place. Montreal is a big city and it has all of the trappings and the infrastructure to make it so. The city however is not home to millions and millions of people who are filling up the metro or the buses, or indeed the shopping centers or grocery stores. This offers a big city with everything you could need, and without the stress that you may find in other, busier cities.

Food Heaven

Many will say that their city is a great place for food but here in Canada, Montreal is widely spoken about as having the very best options for foodies. It is not just the fine cuisine which is on offer here that blows people away, but also the more rough and ready options. The fast food here is heavily independent and absolutely delicious, there is also a big Jewish influence on the city which is why we can find so many delicious deli options, not to mention the bagels! No matter what you are in the market for, you’ll find the best of it here in Montreal. 

Public Events

No matter whether it is the heart of winter or the middle of summer, this is a city which is bouncing with events and there is always some kind of celebration or market taking place. Montreal is a city which really knows how to have fun and that is why these great events take place, because they know just how popular it is going to be with the locals. 

Montreal and its relaxed way of life seems to be the perfect place to live, what do you think?

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