Free Home Workout Apps Are Trending Like Crazy — Here’s Why

Nowadays working out from home seems like the best choice. It’s not only easy to do but it can also be free. Working out from home has numerous benefits to you, from allowing you to decide when the class starts and ends, saving up on gas by not having to go anywhere, and for stay at home moms who don’t have anyone to leave their kids with this might be the end solution.

Who said you needed to find a gym or a personal trainer to get in shape? With the help of technology you can train like a pro for free, and get numerous benefits from different workouts. 

These following Free Workout Apps are what is on trend today and here is why you should download them into your phone:

1. Runtastic

Even if it’s running or jogging, this free app allows you to track your progress by setting a time for you, and tracking your workout with a GPS. It also displays all the calories that you burnt during the run and measures your heartbeat to establish your health condition while running. 

2. Asana Rebel

If you like yoga or if you are just curious to get started this is the app for you. Asana Rebel offers an introduction to the regimen as well as advanced courses to those who already practice it. Aside from tracking your progress and setting up a calendar goal with your workouts this app has two different workouts every day, so that you don’t feel like you are doing the same thing.

3. Nike Run Club

Best app for runners. In this app you have a coach that can guide you to your goal by choosing a four to eight week program to follow. Not only can you track your progress but you can also see your achievements. 

4. Freeletics

Whether it is with gym equipment or without it you can surely get in a workout with this free app. This app has access to download numerous HIIT routines so that you are not stuck doing the same one over and over. 

5. 7 Minute Workout

Although the name says 7 minute workouts, and there are short workouts like this one, this app was made for quick and short workouts throughout the day. This is great for moms or anyone with a tight working schedule who needs to get a quick workout out of the way. 

6. Daily Butt Workout

This app specializes in training the lower body area. From donkey kicks, glute bridges and a lot of squats, this app is great if you are looking for toning your lower body. 

While there are numerous apps that specialize on anything that you want, working out from home can be quite effective. A lot of apps are free and you can save a fortune by not paying a gym membership. Even having workout apps can be quite effective if you are constantly traveling and you can’t keep up with a gym membership, having a workout available from your phone might be the ideal way for you to exercise. 

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