How to better focus while Having Online Classes

Attending online classes is definitely another world for students. It is already hard enough to pay attention during a regular class now imagine an online class where the professor isn’t necessarily noticing if you are losing your focus. During an online class, it is your responsibility to catch up and pay enough attention to capture what the course is really about. 

Nowadays with the world pandemic, the entire world had to adapt to online functionality and everyone had to incorporate the internet into their daily lives. This meant not only doing home office, but also online school. And while for some people this was the best, others that weren’t a fan of spending their days on the computer have struggled the most with these.

Nevertheless, check out these tips and tricks you can do in order to ensure you are focusing on your online classes.

1. Mantain a Routine

Make sure you maintain a daily routine and work around that schedule. Often this might help to accustom your mind when it is time to focus on the important things. Having a routine is just like when you were physically in school, you have hours set to study and others to rest. 

2. Avoid Distractions

When having online classes, often the hardest thing to do is put distractions aside. During a lecture you might be checking your phone, or your social media, or simply doing tasks that keep your focus away from the important information. Remind yourself to be present during the class, and ptu your phone far away from you to avoid any distractions.

3. Take Breaks

Being in the computer is quite exhausting and you often need to take breaks to avoid saturating your brian; without mentioning that being in the computer hurts your eyes during the day, you need a break every once in a while. Make sure you set specific times for working and learning in your online classes and then set times for breaks, to relax and allow your brain to process the information without over-saturating it. 

4. Create a Perfect Workspace

Nothing will make you feel more determined and motivated to learn than having an ideal workspace. Whenever you are trying to take your online classes on the computer you might often do it on your couch, in front of the tv, or even in your room on your cluttered desk. Organize the space around you and make yourself a comfortable environment  that suits you and is appealing for you to sit there a couple of hours and focus on school.

5. Use Learning Strategies

Understand what works for you and what is the best way for you to absorb information. Once you know this, online classes will be easier for you to comprehend and focus on. If you are better hearing the lecture and taking notes, then utilize this strategy to learn more efficiently, or if your learning method is to watch online videos about the class’ theme, the use these ways to improve your focus and learn better.

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