How To Reuse 6 Things You Would Normally Throw Away

There are tons of things that we throw away to the trash daily, without even thinking of giving them a second use. Reusing or recycling items provides an ideal environmental alternative to waste management methods because it reduces air, water, and land pollution, but also it teaches us how to think of items twice before disposing of them.

A huge problem nowadays is that everything comes packaged and boxed in carton, or even plastic and there is a huge increase in waste going on around the world, which is the main reason why people need to learn how to reuse whatever they think is trash.

Reusing and repurposing items is a great ecological alternative to throwing everything away, and for that reason here you will find listed things you can reuse that you would normally throw away.

  1. Plastic Bags

Usually, you will pack your fruits and vegetables in the grocery store in plastic bags, and when arriving at your house, save those instead of simply ripping them off and throwing them away. Actually you should think of taking your own bags to the grocery store to avoid using so much plastic, but if you have to use plastic bags, don’t just dispose of them right away. You can use these bags for future shopping trips, for accumulating the trash you dispose of at home, you can use them for picking up after your dog, and many other ways.

  1. Leftovers

In lots of places, food  goes to waste and there is stuff you can still use even when you think they are pure garbage. For example coffee grounds are great for nourishing plants as they are rich in nitrogen or even eggshells have a high concentration of calcium which can be used for enriching your food or even your plants.

  1. Glass Jars

These are great for everything, and there is no need to be throwing them away. Let’s say you bought a pasta sauce in a glass jar, and when it’s done you could wash it out and use it to plant small plants, store beans or small items, or even as flower vases. There are tons of things you can do with them rather than disposing of them. 

  1. Rubber Bands

You might think that because they are little pieces of plastic they don’t damage the earth, but in truth they do. Rubber bands are used for everything, from stacking fruits, to even sealing plastic bags. According to the EPA, 8.7% of land waste consists of rubber, leather, and textiles, and for this reason you can help the environment by saving them. Use them for kids projects around the house, or to even seal your own bags and constantly have them at use.

  1. Old Clothing

Fabrics are also an enormous waste produced by humans, especially after they shop for new clothes they want to get rid of. Find new uses for your old clothes or simply donate them but never throw them away.

  1. Seeds

Just like reusing food leftovers, you could also save the seeds of plants, vegetables or fruits and continue planting them to grow out new plants for you and for your family. You could replant everything from an avocado seed to basil itself. 

Find different items around the house and give them a second use before thinking of throwing anything out. Often they can be quite functional and this way you can be more environmentally friendly for disposing of less waste. 

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