iPhone 12: Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 iPhone

We are fast approaching that time of year that all Apple enthusiasts so eagerly await: the release of this year’s iteration of the incredibly popular iPhone series. Speculation has already begun about which new features the 2020 iPhone will have. Although we will not have all the details until Apple’s trademark unveiling ceremony, we already do know a few things about the new iPhone 12. Read on for a rundown of just what to expect from the newest Apple device.

1. Design

Rumor has it that the design of the 2020 iPhone will see major changes from last year’s models. Apple looks set to jettison the rounded edges that featured so prominently in iPhone 11 range for a square-edged frame that is more similar to that of the iPhone 4. Apple has opted for a return to angular stainless steel edges due to the increased ease with which the internal antenna’s high-frequency transmission can pass through them. This may pave the way for 5G compatibility. 

2. Size Options

We do not yet know for certain, but experts’ best guess is that the 2020 iPhone will be available in three sizes again. However, these sizes look set to change. So far, it looks like we will see a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones and a 6.7-inch iPhone. The smaller model will be the lower-end phone and the two larger sizes the higher-end phones.

3. Display

As opposed to last year’s iPhone 11 series, in which the lower-end phones featured an LCD display, all models of the 2020 iPhone will have the higher-quality OLED display found on the high-end models from last year.

4. Cameras

The camera configuration on the iPhone 11 was the largest leap forward for the iPhone camera in many years. The 2020 iPhone could build on the advances brought by the use of three separate lenses. Rumor has it that Apple is set to equip its new iPhones with a 3D camera which is similar to the LiDAR Scanner that we have seen on the 2020 iPad Pro.

5. Processor

It is thought that the new iPhone will include some major advances in processor speed. Those in the know are suggesting that Apple will use 5-nanometer chips manufactured by TSCM. These chips are smaller, faster and use less battery than ever before. This has got Apple nerds excited over the increased potential they present for AI tasks.

6. Battery

Indications suggest that Apple is looking to seriously downsize the battery it uses in its iPhone range. It is thought that this will free up space inside the iPhone for other things, and we may also see some small gains in battery life.

The changes listed above are likely to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to improvements on Apples latest smartphone offering. We will all be waiting with bated breath for that day in late fall when we can finally get our hands on the iPhone 12.

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