Pre-Travel Checklist: 8 Things to Do Before You Travel

Preparing for a trip can be quite hectic, lots of things to pack and to organize before you leave your house. Whether you are leaving for a weekend to even a month, there are preparations to get done before you travel which is why you should always have a pre-travel checklist and make sure you follow it before leaving.

Avoid all the stress that might come from leaving things unattended or unfinished when you leave for your trip and take time before your departure to get everything set up for your journey.

1. Print Out Copies

People always believe that they can have everything stored in their phones and that nothing will ever go wrong with that. You need to be prepared for everything and act like your phone can go missing at any time. Print out copies of your hotel booking, your flight tickets, addresses and every other piece of information you might need in the future. It is always better to have a backup than none at all. 

2. Passport Copies

Aside from printing out your booking information, also make sure you have copies of your passport and visa or any ID information you might require. You never know what could happen but if anything were to occur, you want to be ready.

3. Share your itinerary with friends and family

If you are traveling alone or in a group, you always want someone to know your whereabouts. Don’t leave things at chance and avoid any accidents by letting people know your trip itinerary.

This is one of the top safety tips in our recent article titled: Is Tulum Safe? Many of the general travel safety tips found in this article can be applied to destinations around the world.

4. Double and Triple Check your Reservation Dates

Believe it or not, some people have the wrong dates reserved for their trips. They might book the hotel for another date, or even have mistaken the airplane hours. You want to double and triple check everything to make sure things are in order.

5. Check the Weather

How do you know what you need to pack if you don’t check the weather ahead of time. Prepare for rain or even sunny days. Check the weather ahead of time and save yourself future inconveniences by packing correctly. 

6. Medical Kit

Regardless of where you are going, you always want to pack yourself a little survival kit. You don’t know if your destination will have everything you need to treat an injury or some spontaneous sickness. Bring from bandaids to antibiotics, just be prepared for everything.

7. Notify your Bank

Some people forget to notify their bank that they will be leaving and they end up realising they cant use their credit cards in their vacation. Prevent your bank from blocking your card and let them know you are going to be away for a certain time period.

8. Always store some cash away

Don’t always have all your money together in one place. Realize that tourists are often the target for scams or robberies, and always carry a small amount of cash with you, and keep the other apart. Leave it in the hotel in your safe or if you have to carry it with you, put some on your bag and maybe the rest in your shoe. Prepare for an emergency and always be ready for anything that might happen.

Don’t leave things till the last minute, and start prepping for your trip away today.

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