6 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Ketogenic Diet

Starting a Ketogenic diet involves a high fat and low carb eating diet, which can be tough to accustom to some people. It is quite a radical change in your current eating habit, which is why it is tougher for some people when they try to make the switch. Most people’s diets involve high consumption of carbohydrates, which is why changing to a ketogenic diet puts the body in a state of ketosis. What ketosis means is that your body will switch from carb-burning to fat-burning, which is the entire reason of why people want to start a ketogenic diet.

Before starting out, here is everything you need to know about keto diets.

1. Know what foods to eat, and which ones to avoid

Learn which foods have the carbs you can eat, and which ones are low on carbohydrates. It is very different to understand this as for instance beans have protein but they are very high on carbs, which is a food that wouldn’t be recommended for you. You will even be allowed to eat bread and pasta, you just have to learn what each food contains.

2. Get ready to cook

Part of maintaining yourself healthy isn’t always opting for a processed keto diet, it is recommended that you cook the meals yourself to ensure that only the key ingredients that you need will go into the food that you will be eating.

3. Bulletproof Coffee Will Help Your Hunger

Keto lovers love to add coconut oil and butter into their morning coffee as this gives them enough time to prepare for their next meal. It is sort of a trick among the Keto society, and for this reason you need to know this drink can help you get by for a couple of hours.

4. Know your overall goals

It is great when starting out a Keto diet to know what your overall goal would be. Do you want to lose weight, or also improve your dietary habits and maintain yourself active and healthy? Learning about your goals can help you maintain yourself on Keto for longer than you expect. Don’t just wait to lose the weight and quit right away, learn a way where you can lose weight and then maintain the same weight under the Keto diet.

5. Know the side effects

When switching drastically your dietary habits you will experience what some people call “keto flu”. It is nothing bad, but you need to prepare yourself for this change in your body.While some people have no problems whatsoever, usually the people who are trying to lose weight will feel weakened as their ingestion of fat will be drastically reduced. During the first week you might feel week and you might even feel like your limbs hurt from tiredness, it is a sign that your body is getting used to a new diet.

6. Acknowledge that Keto isn’t for everyone

Keep in the back of your head that Keto isn’t for everyone. This doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, but just know that each body type is different from another and if you don’t see results, you might need another diet.

Above everything, your health is what matters. Look into the diet that works for you, and start out by trying Keto.

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