Paul M Willette MD – Lessons Learned, Prepping For Lockdown 2

Whilst the threat of a second lockdown, to those who are not going through it already, may seem a worrying idea, we have to recognize that so many of us have leaden a great deal from going through this once already. This is something which many in the medical community have been discussing recently and the truth is that the likes of Paul M Willette MD are absolutely right, we have all got the tools to get through this once more. The first time of course was unprecedented and so many of us struggled, this time however, here is what we can bear in mind ahead of a potential second lockdown.

Working on Mental and Physical Health

It took many of us a great deal of time before we properly looked at taking care of our mental and physical health, something we cannot let happen again. Yes there is the temptation to spend more time in bed or on the sofa, to overindulge in alcohol or junk food, yet this of course does us no favors during a lockdown. What we need to be doing instead is focusing on staying healthy, using health to keep us busy, positive and occupied.

Focusing on a Hobby

For so many of us, the most beneficial thing which we did during the last lockdown was learning a new skill or a new hobby. In doing this we kept ourselves occupied, we gave ourselves a goal to aim for and we were able to say with pride that we had invested that time wisely. There are so many things which you could look to learn in terms of skills, from learning a new language to playing chess. Pick a skill or hobby and really focus on it during the lockdown.

Supporting Local Business

This is something which many of us did last time although some of that support came too late for many businesses. It is important for our local communities and for the local economy that all of us seek to, wherever possible, support those local businesses in and around us. Understandably Amazon and Walmart have had incredible years, yet that has come at the expense of so many small, independently owned businesses, we have to do better and make sure that we are looking after our local sellers.


And finally one of the best things to do during this abnormal time is to bring some normality to it. With this in mind, creating a routine is a great way to ensure that you have a reason to get up and get busy. Simply because you are at home more often, is no reason to get out of a great routine. If you are able to manage your time in this way then you are going to find that you will manage lockdown far more comfortably than if you do not.

Keep these tips in mind if that second lockdown comes around.

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