Peter Dvorak – The Importance of Having a Side Hustle

I have always tried throughout my life to have a little hustle on the side which would make me some money. I remember when I was working in my first job and my colleague Peter Dvorak started telling me how he used to invest a bit of time every evening selling stuff on eBay. It was in fact Peter who inspired me to get started with a side hustle and ever since then I have been trying my best to always look for ways to make some money on the side.

If you don’t currently have a side hustle then here is why I would recommend that you do.

Making Money

Of course the most obvious reason why anyone has a side hustle is so that they can make extra money. The beauty of doing this on the side is that you can always count on your wages coming in and then whatever you are able to make on the side, is purely extra income. Many people say that their wages don’t always last but when you have the option of getting extra money on the side then everything becomes so much better and you can have some extra cash on the ip to make sure that you can afford everything that you want.

Extra Spending

The money that you make from a side hustle is technically bonus money and that means that you can spend it somewhat more frivolously than you would spend your standard wage packet. You salary will cover all of the important stuff and then this can be spent on some extras, a night out, possibly a gift for someone, this is the best aspect of making money on the side.

Gives You Focus

If you work a Monday to Friday job, 9-5 then you know that every day looks the same and that at the end of the month you get paid. If however you are able to start a side hustle then you know that you have something to aim for, somewhere to put your effort once the day’s work is done and ultimately a real focus which can help you to concentrate and to give your energy to. This is what a side hustle is able to offer.

A Future

There are a great number of people who have actually turned their side hustle into a full time venture and who have found great success with that business. This of course is something that will happen organically but it is certainly something which you should have in your mind from the outset. There are many people who innocently started a side hustle with the view of making a little bit extra cash, and all of a sudden they realized that the opportunity was there for them to launch a full-scale business and get rich, there is nothing to say that this couldn’t happen to you if you start a side hustle.

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