Top Reasons To Hire a Surveyor Before Construction

If you are looking to begin a construction project, it would be a good idea to ensure that you get the property surveyed before you start. It may seem tedious, but you will find that it is worth the investment to avoid any potential legal issues later. 

Determines Property Lines

The main reason you want to hire a land surveyor is to determine where the boundary lines are so you do not begin construction on someone else’s property. There are many times it is discovered that an area you thought was safe to build on is, in fact, not your property and belongs to someone else. A surveyor helps avoid assumptions.

Along with property lines, a surveyor will also mark where important lines are in the ground. This includes water, electric, gas, telephone, pipes, cables, and many other important lines. 

Finds Any Right-of-Way, Abandoned Roads, and Easements

Hiring a surveyor will also tell you the conditions of specific laws reflected on the land you are building on. This includes a property title report or other agreements. An example would be if the construction plans would ultimately block a neighboring property’s access to the road. A past deal may give them the right to cross through your property to access the street.

Certify Any Existing Improvements

A surveyor can also certify that the building or any other renovations done at the time of the survey do not violate the law or other restrictions. This includes bulk, dimension, height, frontage, building lines, setbacks, and parking. They will also inform you if your newest improvements violate any laws or local ordinances and will then put you on notice, and you will have to change it so you are no longer in violation. 

Before you start your construction project, hire someone to come out and survey the property. You will not regret it.

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